A few of Northern Ballet’s dancers practicing their circus skills ready for the World Première of Cinderella in December 2013.

Dancers featured Ashley Dixon, Nicola Gervasi, Giuliano Contadini, Sean Bates, Joseph Taylor, Daniel de Andrade (Ballet Master), Sebastian Loe, Matthew Broadbent, Matthew Koon and Mlindi Kulashe.

Photos Justin Slee.

We asked Twitter to tell us which production from the last few years we should post an image from, in six minutes there were six different titles so here’s six photos from six productions… Cleopatra, The Great Gatsby, Beauty & the Beast, Madame Butterfly, The Nutcracker & Wuthering Heights.

Dancers include Hironao Takahashi (Octavian), Victoria Sibson (Myrtle), Ashley Dixon (The Beast), Martha Leebolt (Beauty), Georgina May (Kate and Cathy), Tobias Batley (Pinkerton and Heathcliff) and John Hull.

Photos Bill Cooper and Merlin Hendy.

Rehearsal photographs from The Great Gatsby taken by Justin Slee in January 2013. Dancers featured - Pippa Moore, Ashley Dixon, Victoria Sibson, Hannah Bateman, Sebastian Loe, Benjamin Mitchell, Martha Leebolt, Tobias Batley, Julie Charlet & Javier Torres.