A few of Northern Ballet’s dancers practicing their circus skills ready for the World Première of Cinderella in December 2013.

Dancers featured Ashley Dixon, Nicola Gervasi, Giuliano Contadini, Sean Bates, Joseph Taylor, Daniel de Andrade (Ballet Master), Sebastian Loe, Matthew Broadbent, Matthew Koon and Mlindi Kulashe.

Photos Justin Slee.

Northern Ballet dancers in Hans van Manen’s Concertante. We performed the Dance Master’s piece as part of a Mixed Programme at out home in Leeds. All photos Emma Kauldhar.

Dancers featured in the photos - Isaac Lee-Baker, Nicola Gervasi, Abigail Prudames, Martha Leebolt, Giuliano Contadini, Lori Gilchrist, Tobias Batley & Hannah Bateman.

The Ultimate Form creatives & dancers. Piece premières Friday 31 January in Paris before getting it UK début this May at The Hepworth, Wakefield. Photos Darren Goldsmith. Group photo Kenneth Tindall (front) and Hannah Bateman, Michela Paolacci, Nicola Gervasi, Jessica Morgan, Linder Sterling, Pam Hogg, Kevin Poeung, Joshua Barwick and Victoria Sibson. (via Artistic collaboration produces The Ultimate Form | Northern Ballet)