CUTENESS ALERT!!! Two-year-old crashes her mum’s TV dance reality show audition…

How many pointe shoes does a premier dancer use in a year? Pippa Moore answers…

Excerpts from Northern Ballet’s production of A Christmas Carol.

Ebenezer Scrooge photo by Jason Tozer, dancer Darren Goldsmith.

Principal dancers in this video…

This video filmed and edited by Pea and the Bighead Productions.

TV spot for Northern Ballet’s acclaimed A Christmas Carol

A short clip from David Nixon OBE's ballet of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Tobias Batley as Oberon and Kevin Poeung as Puck.

Socks - prepare to be blown off!

Northern Ballet dancer Kevin Poeung in a new short dance choreographed by our Ballet Master, Daniel de Andrade and filmed and edited by Joe Strange and all for our Sponsor A Dancer campaign.

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Music Fire Back" by Dark Model, copyright & publishing by Model Electronic Inc

Using video from stage and rehearsal rooms this is Northern Ballet’s YouTube channel trailer…

Northern Ballet dancers Pippa Moore, Tobias Batley and Dreda Blow performing to improvised dialogue instead of to music during rehearsals for A Midsummer Night’s Dream to help them better understand the intentions of their characters.

Keep watching after the dance has finished to hear Artistic Director David Nixon OBE better explain…

On Monday two of our dancers, Leading Soloist Hannah Bateman and Premier Dancer Kenneth Tindall, are as many questions as they can about what it to be a professional dancer, life on tour and (almost) anything you can think of… If you post questions here I’ll post back their answers :)

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